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21st century, this is a phase where you need to keep yourself updated with the world of technology and internet every day. The person who is well versed with the world of technology and internet at this time will always be at the forefront.

“Because it is said that the person who changes himself with time, the same person is very successful later in his life. “

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What is Vanish Mode in Instagram

Vanish Mode in Instagram

What is Vanish Mode in Instagram When Facebook introduced disappearing messages feature on Whatsapp, soon after they bought a similar kind of update in their messenger

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YouTube Playback Error

YouTube Playback Error YouTube is getting popular day by day. In our day to day lives, we spend a lot of time watching our favorite videos

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I am Neetu Kapoor, Founder and Owner of Mytechsoftreview. This is a blog that helps you with mobile and windows tips and tricks, Reviews, Social Media,Computer,Internet and Make Money Online etc. Come and learn here, gain knowledge.


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digital marketing myths

Myths about digital marketing

The Truth About Digital Marketing Myths that will blow your mind Digital Marketing is a very vast subject. Here I will share some myths, the top 9 Digital Marketing myths that, despite being debunked again and again, never going to vanish – no matter how tough the SEO experts are on them. Today I will

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CTC full form

CTC Full Form and how it is calculated?

What is CTC in Salary? CTC Full Form & how it is calculated CTC full form is Cost to Company. It is actually the total annual salary of an employee of any organization or company. It implies absolute salary bundle and facilities got by worker in a year including free suppers, taxis, and loans those

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TRP full form

What is TRP and how it is calculated?

TRP full form & how it is calculated     TRP full form is Television Rating Point. It is a tool which demonstrates the prominence of a TV program. It is utilized to decide which TV program is seen most. We all know that India has more than 200 TV Channels and if there are

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