Top 10 Websites for Freelance Content Writers to Make More Money

Top 10 Websites for Freelance Content Writers to Make More Money

It is safe to say that if you are searching for TOP 10 best websites for freelance content writers? You’re in the ideal spot.

You’ll find 10 of the best websites for freelance content writers, where you can discover content composing gigs to bring in cash as a specialist.

Having begun a vocation as an independent author, you have all the motivations to celebrate in light of the fact that this is the sort of calling that puts you on the driving seat of your life.

While you can would like to keep an ideal work-life balance as a specialist, there are a great deal of other energizing aspects related with it.

Content writing for the web is an extraordinary and exceptionally mainstream approach to gain money on the web. A great deal of undergrads have discovered a decent wellspring of pay in crafted by content composition.

There are numerous such individuals who have made substance composing their all day work. Any individual who has great composing expertise and great hang on English language can get in to crafted by content composition.

In the event that you wish to be a freelance author, at that point it is significant for you to know those sites which offer work to independent substance scholars. Following are probably the 10 best websites for freelance content writers to make money.

best websites for freelance content writers

TOP 10 best websites for Freelance writers


Let me disclose to you a certain something: discovering best independent site for authors is hard. There are such huge numbers of independent destinations out there that don’t pay well or dump you.

That is the motivation behind why most independent scholars fear taking up employments on the web.

In case you’re one among them, don’t stress, Upwork is extraordinary compared to other independent sites for authors. Not just for authors, it can likewise be utilized by creators, advertisers and every other person who are searching for independent work.

Upwork some time ago Elance is a mainstream online independent stage that is utilized by a great many individuals around the world.

How to start working as a freelancer on UPWORK ?

1) Click here to signup Upwork as a specialist absolutely free.

 2) Start picking the themes that you’re keen on. In any case, before that make a point to fill your profile with your name, depiction, experience, photograph and so on. This makes it simple for you to discover customers rapidly.

 3) Start procuring cash (ask your loved ones to enlist you when you’re simply beginning and request that they give a positive input so you improve work over the long haul).

In case you’re somebody who needs to begin utilizing Upwork as an independent author, here are some speedy tips for you.

a). Continuously make a point to guarantee that the customers’ installment techniques are confirmed. You’ll see a “verified payment” tick for each customer.

b). In case you’re beginning, make a point to utilize Upwork’s work area application and work journal that tracks your time and takes depictions of your screen to evade any contention at installment stage.

This is an absolute necessity on the off chance that you need to evade cerebral pains later.

What amount does Upwork charge for specialists?

Specialists pay a help expense of 5% to 20% dependent on their lifetime billings with a particular customer. Here’s the breakdown of how Upwork charges for the individuals who are doing outsourcing on their foundation.

You pay 20% for the first $500 charged with the customer over all agreements

10% for all out billings somewhere in the range of $500.01 and $10,000

Furthermore, when absolute billings with the customer surpass $10,000, a 5% expense is charged

Truly, 20% is a ton of administration charge however mind you, it dispenses with a ton of rivalry by giving you an extraordinary edge of getting lucrative customers.


Fiverr is most popular as the greatest commercial center for consultants. You get everything for $5 here. That is the reason it turned out to be so well known. It is one of the best websites for freelance content writers.

On the off chance that you are simply beginning and searching for fast approaches to bring in cash online as an independent author, Fiverr is for you.

How to start working as a freelancer on FIVERR ?

1) Sign up for free, set up your Gig, and offer your work to our worldwide crowd.

2) Set up your gig (you can begin offering your composing administrations, pick a cost)

3) Start winning cash as you go. Here additionally simply like Upwork, you need positive input in type of audits to pull in more customers. You can likewise utilize Fiverr to upsell.

What amount do they charge?

It’s allowed to join Fiverr. There is no membership required or charges to list your administrations. You keep 80% of every exchange and the rest 20% goes to Fiverr pockets.

For example, on the off chance that you made $100 from a customer, you get $80 and the rest goes to Fiverr as an assistance charge.


FreeeUp is a mind blowing stage which is utilized by in excess of 15,000 organizations all around the globe to get proficient composing administrations.

So in case you’re an independent essayist and searching for better ventures around independent composition, you should look at FreeeUp.

How to start working as a freelancer on FreeUp ?

1.) Click here to sign up as a freelancer.

2.) When you’re on “Apply to be a specialist” page, you’ll see a beginning catch where you have to enter your subtleties, for example, name, email, your resume, etc (which scarcely takes 15 to 20 minutes and it doesn’t spare your answers naturally, so you have to do it in one go).

3) Once you’re finished with your answers, click on Submit catch to complete the procedure. After you have presented your application effectively, the Freelancer Success Team from FreeeUp will audit your answers and require a meeting in case you’re qualified.

In the event that you are welcome to the meeting, you will get an email illustrating the meeting procedure where they’ll approach you to plan a period for your meeting (Skype meet). You’ll be offered access to their customer extends once you’ve effectively chosen.


TextBroker is exceptionally focused on independent site. For instance, it doesn’t work in India. Textbroker guarantees that creators originate from the objective nations for every stage to give great substance to its clients.

For instance, just allows U.S. based creators (they need to check their US citizenship while joining to make a record).

How to start working as a freelancer on TextBroker ?

1) Click here to enlist for TextBroker (it’s allowed to join) and make a point to confirm your nation’s citizenship.

2) You have to present a composing test of 200 words (at that point you’ll get a rating out of 5 stars dependent on your composition).

3) You can begin tolerating composing gigs dependent on your rating. Level 5 star rating gives you around $70 per 1000 word article and level 1 star rating gives you around $13 for a similar article.

The incredible thing about utilizing Textbroker is, it pays you for your articles when the customer acknowledges them. You can demand a week after week result when you’ve earned $10 or more.

What are the charges?

In contrast to other independent sites, TextBroker has fixed valuing for different evaluations (extending from 1 to 5) which you can discover on their site.

Aside from that, you’ll need to pay an ostensible 0.35% as an assistance expense for each dollar you make.

That implies you pay $3.5 to TextBroker in the event that you get a customer to pay you $100. 


Outsourcely is another incredible option for freelancing , which charges you $19 every month for setting up a record (different evaluating plans). You don’t need to pay any commission to them .

How to start working as a freelancer on OutSourcely?

1.) Click here to sign up and create account.

2.) Make your profile and you would then be able to begin having private visit discussions with clients ,who need to get your composing gigs.

3.) Begin bringing in cash without paying even a penny as commission.

What do they charge?

Much the same as TextBroker, Outsourcely additionally charges ,month to month evaluating plans to the individuals who needs to secure independent composing positions.

The pricing begins from $19 every month and you don’t need to pay even a penny to them as bonus.

For example, on the off chance that you made $100 from a customer, nothing goes into their pockets and everything goes into your record.


Master is an inconceivable stage for independent essayists to discover a huge number of substance composing employments.

This stage is incredibly simple to utilize and organizations can look for consultants or post an occupation and get proposition directly from the landing page with no issue. Its one of the best websites for freelance content writers.

How to start working as a freelancer on GURU?

1) Click here  to pursue free and make a record to begin securing independent composing positions.

2) Click on Find a vocation to look for content composing employments and snap on any proposition for employment that intrigues you.

3) Send a proposition, begin dealing with your activity presenting on get paid.

Pro tip: Always try to painstakingly investigate the purchasers profile. Check on the off chance that they are utilizing Guru just because. On the off chance that they look fishy, never acknowledge their employments as you probably won’t get any cash!

What do they charge?

The main expense you are liable for is a 2.5% taking care of charge while paying a receipt. Be that as it may, Guru offers 3.5% Cash Back when you pay utilizing check, e-check or wire move to help balance this charge.

Freelancers for the most part pay between a 4.95%-8.95% exchange expense, deducted from their profit. So suppose in case you’re making $100 from a customer, you normally get around $90.

7) People Per Hour

People per hour is another incredible website for independent authors to secure composing positions on the web.

There are 3 various approaches to utilize this site to discover independent work as an author. You can utilize Browse Hourlies, fixed value offers prepared to begin promptly, post a job and let people discover you.

How to start working as a freelancer on People Per Hour?

1) Click here to sign-up free.

2) Once you create account, begin perusing jobs. You can pick anything from planning to writing to SEO.

3) Send proposition or acknowledge recommendations from the individuals who as of now have presented occupations relevant to your choice. Finish their work and get paid.

What do they charge?

0% commission expense forever. You can likewise unreservedly utilize Escrow and invoicing framework and the entirety of your informing, solicitations and articulations in a single spot.

8) Problogger Job Board

Problogger is an excellent platform, where you can get hundred of gigs to make money as Freelancer and you don’t have to pay anything.

How to start working as a freelancer on ProBlogger?

1) Click here to begin searching for composing gigs on Problogger work board.

2) Pick the undertakings that you truly like. Quest for the pursuit of employment structure with the watchwords that are applicable to your abilities for better outcomes.

 3) Read the directions and begin pitching the activity makers to begin bringing in cash from composing gigs.

What do they charge?

In case you’re a freelancer , you don’t need to pay even a penny. It’s totally free. Unbelievable, right? Simply go to their activity board, get a new line of work ,that you like and adhere to the directions that the activity maker gives you.

For the most part they advise you to fill a form to submit your details, (for example, demonstrating your past work and talking about what you might want to get paid for the venture).

9) Freelance Writing

This is another extraordinary site for those individuals who wish to get composing work. It is extremely simple to use for all. Here, you can hope to get composing assignments from purchasers living in various places of the world.

It is anything but difficult to enlist on this site and it requires some investment. Because of extraordinary open doors for essayists and heaps of composing assignments, this site has gotten famous among authors.

10) Freelancer

This site isn’t just implied for freelance writers, however for independent web engineers, originators and so on. However, it doesn’t have some expertise recorded as a hard copy field, you can get a ton of composing ventures on this site.

Individuals who wish to get ventures from this site need to make an account here and offer for the activities they are keen on. Journalists who offer most minimal and offer to accomplish the work in least time frequently get the tasks.

How to start working as a freelancer on Freelancer?

1 ) Click here to pursue Freelancer

2) Find extends that you are generally keen on and apply for them

3) You need react to purchasers offers by setting offers as far as finishing time, offer worth, experience and through an example of their composition.

In the event that you have put an offer and the purchasers discover you serious for their sort of composing venture, they get in touch with you through freelancer message box.

How much do Content writers paid in India?

In spite of the fact that everything relies upon your abilities and the pace you can compose at.

All things considered, in the event that you are an amateur you can gain around INR 9000 – 10000. Also, in case you’re an experienced freelance writer you can earn from INR 20000 to 30000.

Final Thoughts:

Lucky you are on the off chance that you have discovered some great and expert customers toward the start of your composing profession since that in any case prompts a steady progression of work and guaranteed salary.

This is something that is bit trying for some new writers or the individuals who are yet at the section level.

In this way, it bodes well winding up with lucrative customers, steady assignments and undertakings that improve you as an author.

Let me know , which website for Freelace Content writers,do you think is the best?? Do tell, comment below and share this article with your friends also..

Ta-Da !!!

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