What is Event Blogging: Quick guide to make money from Event Blogging

What is Event Blogging: Tips to set-up and Make Money from Event Blogging in 2020

Event Blogging is a hot topic these days and many bloggers are already doing event blogging and making good money from it also.

It is very popular these days and for this, a blogger don’t need to invest too much of time and money, but can make money like magic from it.

An Event Blog can generate income in a span of two or three days only. It costs you less time, less money and fewer efforts and even less site maintenance too.

If you work properly on an event blog and able to rank it in Google, then you can easily make hell of money in just 2-3 days.

Here I am sharing some Event Blogging tips to succeed in this niche.

What is Event Blogging: Tips to set-up and get Money from Event Blogging

What is Event Blogging?

Event Blog is a micro-niche blog, in which bloggers write on a very particular topic like Eid, Deepawali, Holi, Happy New Year, Valentine’s Day etc. or some concerts etc.

It focuses on an upcoming festival, event or special day like I mentioned above. An Event Blog targets huge amount of traffic for the upcoming events, festivals etc.

It’s a short term blog and you just have to work on it for 1 month or so. Make it rank in Google and enjoy the money rain.

Event Blogging Topics:

  • What is a particular day like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day?
  • When it is observed?
  • Where it is observed?
  • Why it is observed?
  • How it is observed?
  • Who observe it?

You have to answer all these questions in your Event Blog for your readers in detail with information like images, videos, quotes etc.

This is the main concept of Event Blogging.

There are mainly 2 types of Event Blogs:

  1. Long-Term Event Blogs
  2. Short-Term Event Blogs

Long-Term Event Blogs:

This type of event blogging is done for a long time. Let us explain how? Suppose you are writing an article on someone’s birthday, then it is considered blogging for a long time.

This type of event blogging is not called festival event blogging. Because if you are writing an article on someone’s birthday, then it goes to the event blog for a long time.

If you write an article on someone’s birthday every day, then you will get traffic every day. Because every day someone’s birthday happens. Every day the birthdays of millions of people are celebrated.

Some of the topics for long term event blogging are like: Birthday, Good Morning, Good Night, Good Evening, Good Afternoon etc.

If you write an article on any of these topics, then such articles are called long-term event blogging.

Short-Term Event Blogs:

For a short time, event blogging is targeted by thinking about a particular day. Articles written in this category do not remain in rank for long. This is because the articles written in event blogging for a short time are such articles which we don’t search every day.

For example, if you have written an article on New Year, then it will come in blogging for a short time. Because people search about things based on New Year mostly when New Year is near. After that no one searches about these topics.

Similarly, if you want to write about Deepawali, then people mostly read about the things related to Deepawali only when Deepawali is around. This is called short term event blogging.

Some of the topics related to short term event blogging are like Republic Day, New Year, Holi, Deepawali, Saraswati Puja, Ganesh Puja, Christmas, Dussehra etc.

What is the extent of Event Blogging?

Everybody wants to know about something, like teenagers want to know about Valentine’s Day. Kids want to know about Mother’s Day. Some people want to know about the National festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day etc.

It means your audience is the Whole World. You just have to create good content for them and make them satisfy.

What your Audience want to know in an Event Blog?

People/Audience wants to know mainly about 2 questions. When and How to observe any day or event? You can tell them how to celebrate or observe an event. You can also share your affiliate links on your blog from where people can buy on a specific day.

Nowadays your niche is expanding, as policymakers are adding new days in the list. So there are more and more chances of money making with an Event Blog.

Now comes the most important part, How to choose your Blogging Niche/Event?

How to choose a profitable Event?

There are a lot of searches on internet for the events, you can just pick one and create a blog on it. I am listing some of the popular events; pick one according to your interest.

To pick any Event, first categorize it. Every event has a different mood. Some events are for public awareness, some for joy, and some for sorrow.

Make categories of the events.

  • Religious: Deepawali, Eid, Christmas etc.
  • Love: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc.
  • Patriotism: Independence Day, Republic Day etc.
  • Awareness: World Environment Day, Earth Day etc.
  • Health: World Diabetes Day, Aids Day
  • Joy: World Laughter Day, World Happiness Day, World Dance Day etc.

You can choose an event based on the monthly searches, traffic and competitors. You can do this through Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Planner tool or a paid tool like Ahrefs.

Also choose the event based on your interest too, this will help you to create good and great contents.

Use Google Trends to find the competition and monthly searches of the keywords or ideas of your event.

Purchase a Domain

Purchase a nice domain name with the target keyword including in it. It increases the CTR of your blog. If you are going for any Indian Event or Festival then go for an “.in” extension.

If you are targeting international audience then go for “.com” or “.net” extension.

Do the Content Research:

Do extensive research for all the events and make a separate word file for each with the relevant information in it. Then edit the unnecessary part and keep the best data with you.

Crosscheck all the minor details also, like the dates, name, year etc. So now you have a well-organized info file with you.

How to find best keywords for Event Blogging?

This is a very important part of a successful Event Blog. Because people search for keywords in Google. You have to try to explore a keyword of Buyer-Intent like “Best Deepawali Deals”.

Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

Use Long-Tail Keywords to narrow down your audience. Bring those people to your blog, who are ready to spend money. Target the online buyers because they will come, read and then shop also from your blog.

Write Quality Posts

You all know that Content is King. Target your main keyword and create a quality article for your blog. Start posting the articles before 30-40 days of the event.

The article must be informative, interested and well researched with all the keywords, so that visitor spends maximum time on your blog. Article length should be more than 1000 words. It will help your article to rank in Google.

Use relevant images, videos related to your Blog. If possible create a YouTube Channel for your blog to attract more audience.

Important things to remember

  • Become Affiliate of the related products
  • Find best-seller products for your blog
  • Search Deals, Coupons—- Grab the coupons & deals for your blog & mention them in your post.

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Create Quality Backlinks

If you want to rank your Event Blog on 1st page of Google, then you should focus on link building. Go for Blog-commenting and auto approves blogs to create links. Only start the link building after publishing 5-6 posts.

Don’t create backlinks on the same keyword; otherwise Google will not rank your Blog.

Monetize your Blog

Monetize your blog with Google Ad-Sense and Affiliate links, and earn good amount of money from it.

How to rank an Event Blog

If you want to create your own Event-Blog by targeting a particular event and you want your Blog to appear in the search engine, then you should start preparing for it 3 months in advance. You should start writing on your blog 3 months in advance.

Because within 1 month it is very difficult to rank your blog on search engines. So if you are writing on your blog 3 months in advance, then in 3 months it will be ranked in the search engine.

Do your ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO for your blog.

On-Page SEO:

  • Buy the domain 6 months prior to the event
  • Add Long Tail Keywords
  • Do include Short-Tail Keywords also, but they have more competition.
  • Spread the 10-15 Long Tail Keywords in your article.
  • Don’t so Keyword stuffing at all.

Off-Page SEO:

  • Start your link building from 2nd month.
  • Build less but quality links, don’t spam.
  • Build links to the Long-Tail Keywords.
  • Do all types of Links: Forums, Web 2.0, Profiles, Comments, etc.

Update your posts every year

Things do change with time passing by. Update your posts every year by adding relevant information related to it.

Final Conclusion:

So, here is the complete A-Z of Event Blogging and how to make money from it. I hope this post will definitely help you to set up an event blog. Through Event Blogging you can make money by working only for 2-3 months only. So what are you waiting for?

Go and set-up an Event Blog.

I hope these Event Blogging tips will help you in setting up your blog..

If you want to share some more tips for event Blogging, then do comment below.

If you find this post helpful, then do share it with your friends, family and in Social Media.



Frequently Asked Questions about EVENT BLOGGING


Which is Better? Event Blogging or Normal Blogging?

So Guys, It is very subjective. It really depends on a lot of factors. To be honest, both of them are very good. Some people like Event Blogging and some don’t. Its upto you, what do you want to do…Listen to your heart.

Can I use Adsense in Event Blogging?

Yes, you can use Google Adsense on your event blog as long as you don’t violate any of their ad-friendly content guidelines or policies or term and conditions of service. So ahead and monitise your blog with Adsense.

What are the popular topics for Event Blogging?

Some popular topics are Republic Day, New Year, Holi, Deepawali, Saraswati Puja, Ganesh Puja, Christmas, Dussehra , Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti etc.

How to start an Event Blog and earn money?

To start an event blog you can use any CMS like WordPress and start creating content. Later you can monetize your posts through Google Adsense, Media.net, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship etc. This way you can make money through your Event Blog.

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