What is a Meme – How to create a Meme

What is a Meme – How to create a Meme

Meme—you have surely heard this word and have seen some memes also on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. But have you ever think of that how a meme is created. There are different types of memes like Funny memes, Sad Memes, Political Memes and Bollywood Memes etc. If you want to know what is a meme exactly and how to create a Meme or a Meme template, then you are at the right place.

Today everybody wants to increase his/her social presence and to get popular instantly; they take the help of Memes. You can make a meme on yourself or you can make any funny, inspirational or emotional meme. Make meme on any trending topic.

What is a Meme

An Internet Meme is simply call as a Meme. It is an idea, style or behavior spread through the internet, through social media.

The word MEME was first written by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene”. The concept of Internet Meme was first proposed by Mike Godwin in June 1993. Memes grew as a nice concept in the 90’s. They were short clips that were shared between people, but as the Internet evolved, Memes also did. With the release of YouTube in 2005, video memes became popular.

Then came Twitter and Facebook and sharing of GIF’s and Images became easier.

Memes can be in the form of an image, GIF, video or text also.

Want to see the 1st ever meme created, then visit on this page.

Types of Memes

We can make Memes on any topic we want, but specifically there are some topics that are very famous and people loves to watch them.


This type of memes has an image of a person, and there is some text written on top and bottom in some impact font. These types of memes come in the classic category.

how to create a meme


These types of memes are made with a unique idea and are based on some popular Gadgets,TV shows, games or movies.

how to create a meme


Here people share education related solutions in the form of memes that are very easy to catch for students.


These type of memes are made on any trending topic whether it is political, social or any else. Like Binod trended last year.


Some people make memes on one topic and they have a collection of memes in their Instagram account.

How do I create a meme

We can make meme ourselves or download free memes also. We can make memes through Photoshop also. But here I will tell you some online ways to make meme yourself.


This is a free meme maker website. Here you can make a meme of your own on any trending or viral topic. Here you can make a meme by uploading an image by yourself or by adding an image from the website library. After adding the image, you can add text on that image and your meme will be ready.

Not only image memes, you can make GIF’s and video memes also on this website.

how to create a meme

Here you can see I have added the two text boxes KIWIS and INDIA written in it. We can change the text color, alignment, then click on generate button and the meme is ready. You can share this meme instantly on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. We can also download it.

What apps are good for making memes

There are a lot of websites to create memes but if you are using a mobile then you should know some apps, which could be very handy in creating memes.

  • Meme Factory.
  • Imgur MemeGen.
  • Meme Maker.
  • Memedroid.
  • GATM Meme generator
  • Mematic
  • Canva

These are only some apps for your reference; you can install any one and start making your own memes.

What is the best meme generator

If you are interested in making new memes yourself, it’s very easy to start. Check out the below list for the best meme generators, techniques, tools etc. Here you can find best free meme maker for your creativity also.


Here you can create memes on your own very easily. It has a dropdown selection menu to choose the meme. After creating the meme, it can be uploaded directly or can be downloaded either.

Quick Meme

It is a very reliable source for meme generators. It is a very large network of hundreds of images around the web.

Live Meme

It is a huge collection of the viral characters on Internet. You can share your created meme on Reddit directly form here.


Here you can create gif’s and image memes too and it’s totally free. You can customize the font style and size, draw on images and can add multiple text boxes.


Nowadays everybody is aware of Photoshop and its impact on the whole internet. Here you can add more than 1 layer, hover your image, select your font. I think Photoshop is one of the best tools to make memes, but people’s views may differ.


It has all the graphic design tools, one need to create a beautiful meme and there is also a meme generator in it. Just go to Canva, create a free account there, create a meme and then export your design. If you want an existing meme, there is a Templates Tab, but you can also choose Upload option to get an image of your own choice. You can add Font, effects and colors also; can change the font size too. Canva can be used on a PC and it’s also available in Android and iOs.

Where can I get images for memes

There are thousands of websites from where you can get GIF’s, memes and videos, but not all of them provide quality content. Some best places to find images, GIF’s, videos to make memes are:







Tenor etc.

How do you make meme with your own picture

Best memes should be funny and they should say the right thing at the right time. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or an artist to create a meme. Anybody can create it with a little bit of imagination. You can make it on a PC, Laptop or on even a mobile phone which most of the people prefer these days.

You can use a meme with your own picture; image or you can download them from internet. Or even simply go to any of the sites I have mentioned above to create a sensational meme. You can use any of the tools to create a nice meme. So try it today!!

Can we make money from creating memes

Everybody enjoys the memes displayed on FB, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. But you can earn money also by creating memes, yaa you heard it right, you can earn an extra income through this.

MemeChat App

When you create a meme there and it gets approved, you will get paid. There are different categories of memes like politics, News, Dank, Funny etc. You post a meme there and you will get a rank in the leaderboard.

You can use the editor tool there to create a meme and can use text, emojis, stickers, images and many more. MemeChat app pays between Rs.5 to 30 for every meme that is created by you and got approved. Payment could be different based on the category of your meme.

There is a FB page name which shares memes “RVCJ”. It has 14883203 likes on it and the admin earns in lakhs through this page.

You can also create a Facebook page and start sharing your memes there. If your memes are made on viral and trending topics, then your followers will increase rapidly.

Examples of Memes

Drake Hotline Bling Memes

Drake is a Canadian Rapper. This meme is used when we need to compare between two products, services, sports, quotes etc. This meme is very much popular.

how to create a meme

Distracted Boy Friend Meme

In this meme, there is a boy who has his girlfriend with him, but he was busy looking to other girl. Using this picture, many memes have been created.

how to create a meme

Smart Kid Meme

This pic is of Sam Griner. His daddy posted a pic of his on social media which he clicked. That post went viral and people started him calling Smart Kid. A lot of memes are on internet with this pic.

how to create a meme

Bad Luck Brian

In this meme, there is a boy with braces and a cheeky smile on his face. This appeared first on Reddit on 2012 and then is used to describe some embarrassing situations.

how to create a meme

So guys, I think now you are well aware about memes, their origin, their uses and how to make money from them. You can use the free meme templates I have suggested above for your creations.

Now memes are used for marketing and audience engagement mainly. If you also want to increase your social media presence, then memes can be a good technique.

I hope you like the post, if you have any suggestions, the, do share them in the comments section.


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