What is UPI

What is UPI,how to set up and use UPI


What is UPI:  It means UNIFIED PAYMENT INTERFACE. It is used for cashless transactions, it saves a lot of time too. There have been many changes in our country under the Modi government, which have been done for the convenience of the people.

One of these methods that have proved very useful and that is – the facility of online payment or what we also call digital payment.

Today we can do all the money transactions easily at home, and they are also very safe . We can do all these transactions through UPI. It helps to move forward in the direction of a cashless economy.

Cashless Economy means when we start doing online payment instead of cash payments for our transactions. But it’s not that much easy, because it needs Internet and still today in some parts of India, there is no Internet facility.

Some people know Internet, but they don’t know how to use it effectively, like the elderly people.

  • There are a lot of mobile applications through which we can pay online like:
  • PhonePe.
  • Paytm.
  • BHIM app.
  • MobiKwik. Etc.

But hey friends, do you know that what is UPI? If you don’t know, don’t worry. What is UPI, How UPI works, and we will tell you this. Also, wherever and where UPI is used, we will also give you information. To get complete information about UPI and how to make UPI Id, read this article till the end.What is UPI

What is UPI

UPI is a new way of online payment system, launched by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), for the convenience of the public. This is an application that helps you to transfer money between two bank accounts through mobile, that too very easily.

We can transfer money through UPI on bank holidays also.

UPI allows all its users to link their accounts of multiple banks through only one mobile app. As we have our unique bank account, this UPI is also unique for each and every person.

Whether we have bought anything online, purchased movie tickets, pay for airline tickets, do mobile recharge, DTH recharge, we can do all these payments through UPI. It has made our life easy.


UPI means UNIFIED PAYMENT INTERFACE. It helps to do our transactions through mobile at our ease from anywhere in the world.


To use UPI first we have to install UPI apps in our phone. There are a lot of banks which support UPI applications. Install the app, sign in and fill in your bank details there and make your account. Then you will get a virtual UPI id. Now you can transfer money through UPI applications.

If you want to use the UPI service, first thing you have to do is, to create a Virtual Payment Address or VPA. After creating VPA you have to link it to your bank account.

Now, each and every time while making any money transaction, you just have to enter the UPI ID of the person to whom you want to send money and money will be debited from your bank account.

Just this much work and your money will be transferred from your account to other account, that too in few seconds. For this, you will have to create a 4 digit code which we also call UPI PIN.


Sending money or doing transactions through UPI is very much easy. For that we just have to select the UPI Id of the person to which we have to transfer the money. It doesn’t matter his account in is which bank. We just have to know his UPI Id, and will transfer the money to him.

There is a limit of sending money through UPI that is 1Lakh rupees.

List of some UPI Enabled Banks:

  1.  State of India
  2.  HDFC Bank
  3.  Andhra Bank
  4.  UTI Bank (Axis Bank)
  5.  Kotak Mahindra Bank
  6.  Punjab National Bank
  7.  Maharashtra Bank
  8.  South Indian Bank
  9.  Federal Bank
  10.  ICICI Bank
  11.  UCO Bank
  12.  Union Bank
  13.  Vijaya Bank
  14.  RBL Bank
  15.  IDFC
  16.  Standard Chartered Bank
  17.  Allahabad Bank
  18.  Bank of Baroda
  19.  YES Bank
  20.  IndusInd Bank


After the arrival of Digital India campaign, the world’s cheapest Internet service has started in our country and all the work is being done online.

UPI is a very good medium for online payment, with the help of UPI; we can do any kind of transaction of any amount at any time.

So friends, this is UPI. Through this article I am pretty sure that you have got the answers for the queries related to UPI. Now if someone asks you what the UPI is, you will be able to easily tell them.

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