Vanish Mode in Instagram

What is Vanish Mode in Instagram

When Facebook introduced disappearing messages feature on Whatsapp, soon after they bought a similar kind of update in their messenger and Instagram also. That is the feature called Vanish Mode. So, basically “What is Vanish Mode in Instagram”, if you want to know this, you are at the right place. I will tell you all about it.

Vanish Mode in Instagram allows you to have a temporary chat that is deleted automatically when the chat ends.

It’s quite the same as Whatsapp disappearing messages feature. There is only one difference between both, that the Whatsapp message remains for 7 days in Chat but the Vanish Mode messages disappears instantly.

What is Vanish Mode in Instagram

Normally the message remains in your chat box, unless and until you delete it yourself or unsent it. But when you have turned on the Vanish Mode for a contact, messages will be automatically deleted, when both persons have seen them.

How to enable or Turn on the Vanish Mode in Instagram and Messenger

This is a new feature available on Instagram and Facebook Messenger both for individuals. Here in this mode, the messages automatically disappear after a person it.

  • To enable this mode, simply go to the app.
  • Open any chat window and swipe from bottom to top to enable the VANISH MODE.
  • When the Vanish Mode is on, the hat window will show it

When the Vanish Mode is activated for a chat, it will be erased from both sides after they have seen them. If the other person is yet to see the message, it will be visible to you.

Note: We can keep this Vanish Mode for multiple chats at the same time. But this mode does not work for group chats.

What is Vanish Mode in Instagram

Does Vanish Mode send screen notifications

Yeah, Vanish mode sends screen notifications. If you take a screen shot with Vanish Mode on, other person will also be notified about it. So you have to be very careful about that.

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Which type of messages can be sent in Vanish Mode

There are no limitations to send messages in the Vanish Mode on Instagram. You can send any type of messages whether it’s a text message, a video, GIF etc. All messages will disappear once the other person sees them.

What happens to old messages in Instagram

When the Vanish Mode is on, you will see only the messages after turning it on. But don’t worry the old messages will remain intact. When you will turn off the Vanish Mode in Instagram, the old messages will appear again as they were earlier.

Will the other person know that Vanish Mode is active

Whenever we activate the Vanish Mode in Instagram, it will be active for both users, the sender as well as the receiver. He/she will see a different screen with vanish mode on. It’s their will to turn the Vanish Mode on or off at any time.

Can we unsend messages in Vanish Mode

Yeah, if you have mistakenly sent a message to anybody in Vanish Mode, you can simply unsend it like always. It will disappear from the chat instantly.

For how long does the Vanish Mode in Instagram remain active

The Vanish Mode will not become inactive, until you manually turn it off. So if you don’t want Vanish Mode anymore, simply turn it off yourself.

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How to Turn Off the Vanish Mode

To turn off the Vanish Mode, simply swipe up again from bottom of the chat window. There is a message to turn off the Vanish Mode. Release it and just turn it off. Simple!!

vanish mode in instagram

So guys, I think now you must know what is Vanish Mode in Instagram are, it’s a very sneaky feature. So, be a responsible person and use it cautiously.

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