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Top 7 Ways to fix the White Screen of Death in Windows 10

Many times when you login to the Windows 10, it shows a White Screen, instead of the normal login screen. It is the White Screen of Death (WSOD) and can be a very scary experience for anyone.

Anybody can get scared if he/she will see that type of screen in Windows 10. Sometimes it goes in a while, but it some cases, it sticks. Then you have to get the problem solved.

So if you are facing the same issue, we are here to help you out.

If this type of a problem is coming then it is informing about an error in the OS (Operating System). It can appear on Windows 10, iPhones etc.

White screen error

When a White Screen appears, it stops you from accessing the Login menu and doesn’t show the boot options.

There can be many reasons why a user is getting the WSOD error on windows. Sometimes it is a temporary problem which could be solved by just restarting the system, but in some cases, the error is a bit larger and requires some serious solutions.

So now we look for some quick solutions for this problem White Screen of Death (WSOD).

Force Restart the Computer

When an application or software stops working, it causes the WSOD error. To solve this, just restart your computer. For this long press the power button on your computer. Once computer shut down, press it again to turn on, this will reboot the system.

Boot system in Safe Mode

When you start your system in safe mode, minimum applications will run on the device. It will run on default settings and disables all the 3rd party applications.

To open the computer in safe mode:

STEP 1: Press Window + R

STEP 2: Type MSCONFIG in dialogue box, press ENTER

White screen error

STEP 3: A screen will pop up, here select the Boot option

STEP 4: Scroll down, select the SAFE BOOT Option

STEP 5: If you want to use Network, select the Network option, otherwise continue

White screen error

STEP 6: Reboot the computer in safe mode

Unplug or Disconnect the USB or External devices

Disconnect all USB devices such as USB Mouse, Keyboard, Memory card and other peripherals and then try to reboot the system. If the system starts without any error, it means that one of these devices is causing a problem. Then troubleshoot them separately later.

Update Graphic Drivers

Many times this WSOD error occurs due to a problem in Graphic Drivers. If you have a graphic driver that is incompatible, then you can face this issue. To update graphic drivers follow these steps.

STEP 1: Right Click Start Button and select Device Manager

White screen error

STEP 2: Go to the Display Adapter Option and expand list

STEP 3: Right Click on each and every Driver and click the update driver option

White screen error

STEP 4: Select how you want to search for the drivers, automatically or from your computer

White screen error

STEP 5: Wait to finish the process and then reboot the system

Keep the Windows Updated

Sometimes White screen of death error occurs due to missing windows updates. So you should check the updates and install them.

STEP 1: Click the Start Icon and select Settings

STEP 2: Select Update and Security Option

White screen error

STEP 3: Select Windows update and check if there are any updates, then click the download button.

White screen error

STEP 4: After the process is finished, restart the computer to install the changes.

Remove the Corrupted Windows Update

If you notice that the White Screen of Death (WSOD) occurs after the Windows update them remove the updated windows and go back to the old version again.

STEP 1: Click Settings, Update and Security, go on Windows Update, press view Update history

White screen error

STEP 2: Here click on Uninstall updates

White screen error

STEP 3: Look at the dates of recent updates, right click on section and press Uninstall Update

STEP 4: After Rebooting, your system will go back to the older version of windows

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Use the System Restore

I have told you several ways to fix the WSOD error above, but in any case if they do not work, then you should try System Restore Point.

But to use this System Restore should be enabled on your Windows Version.

STEP 1: Click the Power Button 3 times, it will run an automatic repair on Windows 10

STEP 2: Click Advanced Startup and choose Troubleshoot

STEP 3: Click Advanced, then click System Restore

STEP 4: Click Next on System Restore Window

STEP 5: Choose most recently known System Restore Point

STEP 6: Click Scan for the affected applications or Programs

STEP 7: Click Close, Next and Finish

So guys, I hope I have made it clear, how to fix the White Screen Error in Windows. I hope it will help you solve your issues related to this problem.

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